Net Worth. Life Worth.

An Integrated Financial & Tax Consulting Firm

Minneapolis • Chicago


At Croft Enterprises, we care more about your life worth, what’s important to you, when do you want to retire, what are your philosophies on your money, how is your business going, how is your career going, how’s your family doing?  These are the things that matter most in life.

It’s important to elaborate on this, because most financial professionals care more about the quality of their suit and tie, their office, their car, and how many letters they have behind their name, than they care about their client and the value that they bring to their client’s life.

Once we know what your life worth is, we need to know a little about your net worth, or your balance sheet.  This is the easy part of what we do.  Any competent financial professional should be good with numbers and understand where there is value to add on their client’s balance sheet.  What’s more difficult to find is someone who can also add value to your life worth & life in general.  When you find that, it’s a “rare” find, like the rhino.

Our company mark is a Rhino.

Here are 4 connections between Croft Enterprises and the Rhino:

  • Onward

    We are inspired by the nature of the Rhino

    They do not move backwards, they only move forwards. Likewise, we help our clients set meaningful goals, moving consistently forwards.

  • Gray

    We help find clarity within the gray areas

    The color of a Rhino is gray, which metaphorically represents our financial consulting & tax consulting business, where we find many gray areas.  Even though we would prefer to tell a client it’s either black or white, often times that’s not the case, there are a lot of gray areas in the world of finance.

  • Protection

    We provide financial strength, safety, protection

    Rhinos are very intelligent.  Even though they have tough skin, they will protect their skin from the sun’s rays by covering its body with mud. Likewise, we will guard your ideas, dreams and finances, with knowledge and intellect.

  • Rare

    We are a truly unique and rare find

    As the White Rhino is almost extinct, and we are a rare find in the financial services business.


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