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Welcome the Phoenix

Croft Phoenix

Welcome Justin D. Zenanko ``The Phoenix``

We are excited to introduce you to, Mr. Justin D. Zenanko, a.k.a. “The Phoenix”, CPA, tax savant and soon to be reverend – “The Rev.” As a very colorful, animated and passionate individual, Justin resonates with the “phoenix” as his spirit animal. The phoenix is known to “burn to the ground and rise back up from the ashes,” and each time with more intensity and passion. This truly represents Justin as an individual. He is a committed, passionate and unwavering businessman and never gives up after any failure.


Justin and Paul met in early 2014 at a social networking event. Both serial entrepreneurs and outgoing individuals living in the same building at the time, Justin approached Paul and they were naturally drawn to one another. Justin and Paul’s relationship formed very slowly and over time, a relationship was built and they became friends. Later that year, Paul received a phone call from Justin informing him that he has a CPA practice and was interested in combining his book of business with Croft Enterprises. Justin was interested in doing this, because at the time, he was a C-level executive of a genetics company in the Twin Cities. Justin was attracted to the skill set that Paul has, such as his work ethic, customer service and his ability to easily connect and work with individuals from all backgrounds.

Justin and Paul knew from the start that they would be able to build a strong partnership, because they each both had very different, but unique and specialized qualities and assets they could bring to potential clients.

Starting this year, 2017, we are very excited to announce Justin Zenanko as a part of Croft Enterprises, LLC. Justin and Paul have been doing a joint venture agreement as separate entities up until now and believe they can only bring more value, expertise and guidance as they join forces and build a partnership together.

As Justin Zenanko, also known as “The Phoenix,” joins forces with Croft Enterprises, he will bring incredible knowledge of the tax planning and preparation industry with him.

Tax Preparation & Tax Planning

Tax Planning is a way of representing the business owner to minimize taxes while doing so in a very ethical and fair manner.


Tax Preparation & Tax Planning: Is a compilation of numbers identifying what the client is trying to accomplish. Such as, are they trying to buy a business, change the tax structure of their corporation, use bonus depreciation or figure out the cost basis involved in their stock transactions? It looks at the client’s expenses as well as areas of opportunity, such as, additional retirement contributions. Can the client’s debt be restructured?

Examples of clients Croft Enterprises works with

–       Business owners with employees ranging from 1-10,000 employees

–       Revenues of $250K/year – 500MM/year

–       Companies that follow the philosophy: Know, Like, Trust.

–       High net worth individuals/highly compensated individuals


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