The Joy is in the Journey

Croft Enterprises


The Joy is in the Journey

The world of Croft Enterprises did not just begin because Paul received his Accounting degree from the University of North Dakota, he was surrounded and immersed in the world of Finance from a young age. Growing up in Two Harbors, Minnesota, with a successful banker as a father, Paul was always held accountable for balancing all of his finances and his budgets as a boy. His father imparted a motto to Paul at a young age, that would one day become his financial metaphor, helping paint a picture of how to obtain discretionary income for all of his current and future clients.

Bridge and Water

Your finances and your budget are like a bridge and water. The bridge represents your income and the water represents your expenses. If you want to find discretion in your spending and your financial life, you either need to raise the bridge (increase your income) or lower the water (reduce your expenses). This is what helps to lead individuals to what is known as “discretionary income.”


Financial Planning is a Journey

There has been a great journey from where Croft Enterprises started and now is. There’s been risks, challenges, successes and failures and just like life as well as personal income, nothing is guaranteed. But, since 2008, Croft Enterprises has been continuously striving to find the best processes, companies and individuals to work with in order to provide more certainty, stability and a guarantee of income to set its clients up for the future.

“It is something manageable, that if I didn’t have the same job and I had to get different job and the pay structure wasn’t the same, it is still something that I can manage, and that was important.” – Justin Z.

Where you’re from shouldn’t define you as a person or make you more or less valuable. Whether it be from a small town in Northern Minnesota or a large metropolis, your personal values, beliefs and philosophies should be taken into consideration and at Croft Enterprises, we take the time to get to know who you are as a person and what life experiences you’ve had that have helped shape you.

“Financial planning is a journey. You don’t just wake up one day and say, I want to be a millionaire and that happens. There is no get-rich scheme, in my opinion.”  – Paul Croft, Founder


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