Welcome Allegra Rose Berger

``The Butterfly``


Welcome ``The Butterfly``

We would like to welcome Allegra Rose Berger to Croft Enterprises as the new Director of Marketing. Croft Enterprises will be expanding its services into the Marketing industry. Croft Enterprises will now offer branding, design and marketing services through its “in house” marketing and design company, which will be headed up by Allegra Rose Berger.

Allegra Rose Berger

Allegra Rose Berger is an incredible young woman, who has achieved many successes by her young age of 21. Allegra is wrapping up her last year of university at Bethel College where she is majoring in Graphic Design.  Starting her own design company, Allegra Rose Design Co. nearly 5 years ago, Allegra has been able to work with many successful companies, photographing, designing and building brand awareness for them as well as herself. Just to name a few, Allegra has been asked to work with National Geographic, AirBnb, DSW, Hewing Hotel, Urban Outfitters, L.L. Bean and Victoria’s Secret.


Paul and Allegra met just over a year ago and immediately had a connection. Both hard-working, passionate and determined entrepreneurs, and Paul was very impressed with Allegra’s work and interested in learning more about her. One day, Allegra approached Paul and said, “Paul, I’ve really got to know you and like you. You’re intelligent and have many interesting things to talk about and stories to share. You’re talented.” Wondering why Allegra was telling Paul all of this, she says, “I looked at your website and your branding and it’s just…boring. Your brand really needs to connect with you as an individual and once those two things connect, that’s when your company will take off.”

Since the rebranding of Croft Enterprises in 2016, the company has grown by 73% year to date and a lot of that is in part to Croft Enterprise’s newest team member, Allegra Rose Berger.  Paul’s new theme, brand image and mission of his logo and website perfectly aligns with how Paul is as an individual and business man. He is always moving forward, finding clarity in his work, creating protection for others and overall is very unique, similar to the services he provides.

Paul always wants to ensure he is providing only the best services to his current and any future clients. Before Paul makes any recommendations in insurance or any other types of financial vehicles, Paul ensures that he put his own time and money into these vehicles so that he can test them out himself. Just as he utilized Allegra’s services before extending her a position, to not only represent Croft Enterprises, he has now seen the success from his rebranding from Allegra’s work and wants to be selective and extend her services with Croft Enterprise’s clients that are looking to grow and excel as well.


The Rhino and Butterfly Collide

As entrepreneurs, Paul and Allegra both know it takes drive and spirit to create and sustain a successful entrepreneurial business. Because so much of one’s spirit and passion goes into the creation of a business, that Paul thought rebranding his company based off of one’s “spirit animal,” was the perfect representation of himself “the rhino,” and the newest member of his team “the butterfly,” a.k.a. Allegra Rose Berger.

To learn more about Allegra Rose Berger and her previous accomplishments and work, check out her website here.



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