Why Chicago?

June 26, 2017

Why Chicago

Why Chicago?

As Croft Enterprises continues to grow and achieve great success, expanding the business to another location felt like the right next step. When considering what city to expand to next, Paul realized that to be comfortable, confident and successful, he would need to be somewhere that was familiar and a location with prior contacts and that was manageable.

When Croft Enterprises started in 2008, Paul had a goal to open 4 Croft Enterprises locations. One in Minneapolis, Chicago, Scottsdale and London. Close to 9 years later, even though it took a little longer than anticipated, Croft Enterprises is now excited to expand to its second location, Chicago.

1. People

There are many reasons why Croft Enterprises has chosen the city of Chicago. After visiting numerous times, all of the people that Paul has encountered and met have been so supportive and encouraging that Chicago is a great place to do business, especially in his line of work.

2. Location & Size

Furthermore, Chicago is a melting pot of people with different backgrounds and it is the next step up from Minneapolis, in regard to size and location. The ability and importance of getting back home was very attractive to Paul, so that he could still be able to get home quickly for business opportunities and continue meeting with existing clients in the Twin Cities, while also spending a substantial amount of time networking and meeting new clients in Chicago.

3. Demographics

A lot of the people Paul has met, meets the demographic of people that he works with and would like to continue working with, such as individuals making a 250K + yearly income, people who are entrepreneurial, people who are starting companies and individuals who have discretionary income.

4. Fulfilling Goals

Lastly, Paul discusses with his clients about the importance of setting goals, fulfilling those goals and living out their dreams. When Paul visiting Chicago for the first time, he was driving up Lake Shore Drive and an old H1 Hummer drove by with no doors and no roof and he thought to himself, “wow, I wonder what that guy does. This would be a great place to live one day,” and now Paul is making his goals a reality.

Why Chicago
Why Chicago


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